Parish Re-opening Guidelines

Service sign-up is no longer required

Social distancing requirements are no longer in effect, however we still have a section set aside for people to distance themselves if they so wish. Be aware that, per the State of Virginia, the mask requirement is still in place for the time being.


• Ushers will be available in the Narthex to guide you to your seat and would appreciate your on time arrival.

• Should we reach capacity in the Nave, we have live streaming set up in our social hall.

• If special seating is needed for medical reasons please let us know in advance so that we can be sure seating will be made available.

• We will continue to follow the Commonwealth of Virginia’s requirements for the wearing of masks. See "Information Regarding Masks" below.

If you have any questions please contact a member of the Board of Directors.

A Calendar with our services is available by following this link

Information Regarding Masks

• Consistent with State of Virginia requirements, masks are required in any indoor space shared by groups of people who may congregate within 6 feet of one another or who are in close proximity to each other for more than 10 minutes. There are some exceptions to this requirement, they are: (1) If you have trouble breathing or are unable to remove the mask without help, and (2) If your health condition(s) prohibit wearing a face covering. 
If you meet either of these exceptions to wearing a mask we ask that you let us know in writing, a simple note or email to any board member would be appreciated. 

Seven things to Remember:

1.) Please be respectful of others, their space, and their social distancing behaviors

2.) Please keep your hands clean and sanitized

3.) Please wear your mask (for those who are required), except during the reception of the Eucharist, during which time please follow the guidance of Father and the usher

4.) Please refrain from entering into areas of the Church not currently designated for use

5.) Please maintain proper social distancing protocols

6.) Please, as we practice social distancing, let us do our best to venerate icons and the cross with a reverent bow, minimizing what we touch with our hands and lips

7.) Most importantly, let us REJOICE that we are able to be back in God’s house, and bear with those making critical decisions on how to keep everyone safe

We appreciate everyone's patience, humility, selflessness, and concern for each other's situations as we continue to adapt to how the parish manages and handle social distancing and mask guidance while doing everything possible to attend services, pray, and worship together in Christ.